The Fall of an Empire

Montreal is a beautiful city. It is full of old buildings covered in new art. We are presently smack in the middle of Montreal en Lumiere, a festival that combats the dark and dreary winter with lights and shows and art installations that I whole-heartedly appreciate and half-heartedly understand.

Over the summer, during our graffiti festival (which is exactly what it sounds like), I fell in love with a local neighborhood installation.  These guys fit so well into my stereotypically hipster borough that I needed to immortalize them on a minimally visited cycling blog with low-quality cellphone pictures.

Yes, I am aware of the irony here.

Couple of hipsters.
“A long time ago at a party you probably never heard about….”


“I find your lack of obscure band knowledge disturbing.”


“May the fixie be with you.”


“Aren’t you a little beardless for a stormtrooper?”


“Uh, we had a slight wardrobe malfunction, but uh, everything’s perfectly retro now.”


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