Bike parking!

Bike parking
Bike parking

Yesterday I went to go buy groceries. Grocery shopping at my chaotic little supermarket is a good think to do on a weekday because in the throes of samedi madness there is literally no parking. Similar to when I attend a more popular yoga class in the same neighbourhood on busy St. Laurent, you sometimes circle around, shiftily trying to size up whether or not your u-lock will fit around that little sapling and how likely it is the Plateau policiers will come by and ticket you for willful destruction of borough property.**

Imagine my happy surprise (and that of probably many Segal-ers) when I pulled up, paniers in tow, to discover a butt-ton of once perma-occupied bike parking liberated by an official bike rack. Oh, and it was on the street in what I assume were once spots for automobiles.

I don’t like to be competitive with the whole bike vs car thing, but WE WIN THIS ONE, SUCKAS.

Ahem. It’s the little things.

**And yes, in the Plateau, it is a ticket-able offense to lock your bicycle to a baby tree. I’m not sure if the same rules apply to grown-ups (trees) because it was about that time that my French reading became lazy and I threw the newsletter into the recycling bin.