So I went to Brossard

I have been living in Montreal for almost nine months, and I am sad to say that I have done very little exploring outside of my comfy little neighborhood.  My reasons are valid, I am a working student with little time for anything else, but now that it’s almost summertime I am excited to the rest of the island.

Montreal is a pretty big place.

A = Chez moi

I started Project Explore Montreal with a leisurely trip to Brossard.  Admittedly, Brossard is off the island (South east-ish), but I had to visit a friend so it was a good place to start.

It was a weekday, and gloomy, so I had the bike lanes all to myself.  Usually I avoid bike lanes, but when I am traveling somewhere new I like the security they offer.  Somehow I feel like I can’t be too lost if I am still safely within those parallel, painted lines.

On the way to Brossard I got lost around five times.  The reason? I had to cross three bridges and Montreal has A LOT of bridges.  Between figuring out which bridges were the RIGHT bridges, and finding the cycling entrance I got a little turned around.

The bright side?  Cycling from the Village to Brossard turned out to be fantastic, scenic ride (despite the gloom). For instance, I got to see a view of Montreal that I don’t often get to see:

La Belle Ville

I also cycled through Jean Drapeau Parc (which is both beautiful and dangerously close to my favorite, only local amusement park)

Pictures may be blury due to swarming insects.

 And Brossard? Brossard isn’t half bad.  In fact, they have a MEC, which will make me a repeat visitor.

On the way back I was pumped to make the trip (16km each way) in half the time.  No getting lost to slow me down!  Unfortunately my plans were thwarted by the world’s slowest boat taking its sweet time through my only exit (which happens to be the world’s scariest bridge).

World’s scariest bridge

 Brossard: Check.



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